Meet the Staff

Fishponds Church of England Academy would be nothing without its fabulous staff, of which we are rightly proud:

Senior Leadership Team

Principal - Mrs Debbie Coker ( Safeguarding lead and overall responsibility for school)

Vice Principal - Miss Sam Culver currently on maternity leave

Acting Vice Principal - Miss Rebecca Goodman ( Curriculum lead, KS1 Lead , Maths Lead)

Assistant Head - Mrs Tanya Cownie ( Pastoral Lead, Pupil Premium and inclusion)

Academy Business Manager - Mrs Helen Godfrey ( Finance, Health and Safety, Attendance)


Wider Leadership Team

SENCO Leader of Special needs - Miss Vicky Smith

Early Years Lead ( Nursery and Reception)- Miss Kate Burgess

Y1/2 Lead - Miss Rebecca Goodman

Y3/4 Lead - Mrs Carole Seddon

Y5/6 Lead - Miss Sian Fox

Teachers and Areas of Responsibility


  Ms. Claire Hawkins ( Seahorse Teacher and School Council Lead)

Mrs Maria Long (TA)


Miss Kate Burgess ( Stickleback Teacher)

Miss Saira Uddin ( Minnows Teacher and Phonics Lead)

Miss Emma Armer (TA)

 Mrs Barbara Savage ( TA)


Year 1

Miss Hannah Whittaker ( Rainbowfish Teacher and Computing Lead - Currently on maternity leave)

Miss Henrietta Dunne (Rainbowfish Teacher - Maternity cover)

Miss Madeleine O Loughlin ( Butterfish Teacher and Reading Lead)

Mrs Angie Menear (TA)

Mrs Julie Ann Ryan ( TA)

Year 2

Mrs Elinor Watt ( Parrotfish Teacher and RE Lead)

Miss Alice Sutherland ( Surgeonfish Teacher and PSHE Lead)

Miss Kate Maddocks ( TA)


Year 3

Miss Pippa Knowles (Blenny Fish Teacher and Design and Technology Lead)

Miss Emily Fitzgerald (Mandarin Fish Teacher and More Able Lead)

Mrs Barbara Durbin ( TA)

Year 4

Mrs Carole Seddon (Tilapia Fish Teacher )

Miss Cherith Scott ( Firefish Teacher and English Lead)

Mrs Deion Smith (TA)

Year 5

Miss Hannah Edwards (Salmon Fish Class Teacher and Science Lead)

Mr Sam Picton (Marlin Fish Class Teacher)

Mrs Elaine Seretny (TA)

Year 6

Miss Sian Fox ( Sunfish Class Teacher)

Miss Kathryn Fitch (Manta-Ray Fish Teacher and Sport Lead)

Miss Amie Gomes (TA)

Other Staff

Mrs Gillian Benarous - 0.5 Support Teacher for KS2 ( Pupil Premium Int,)

Miss Sally Adams - Music and Art PPA

Miss Scarlett Fudge - PPA Teaching Assistant

Mr George Harrold - Sports Coach ( Premier Sport)

Mrs Michelle Cahill- Family Link worker and Deputy DSL.


Mrs Carole Weaver

Mrs Bina Shakil

Ms Kay Dwyer

Miss Claire Mills

Mrs Kirsty Tanner

Miss Lianne Curtis

Mrs Rachel Gatica

Mr Morgan Price

Mrs Anjum Siddiqui

Reading Assistants

Siti Abdul Latiff Lai

Kate Foster (Currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Ann Holland


Mrs Sabrina Edwards

Mrs Lisa Billsberry

Mrs Sandra Hyde

Mrs Clare Chubb (Attendance Officer)

Mrs Sue Harvey


Mr Justin Brown