Aims, Vision and Values

Loving to Learn, Learning to Love


Our aim at Fishponds Church of England Academy is to create a positive, stimulating and happy learning environment.  We aim to be inclusive and are committed to providing all children with the same opportunities, regardless of gender, disability, race, creed or culture.  We value all learning and believe that all children can succeed.  We will aim to value and celebrate each child’s heritage and to teach children about how we can build and live in a caring community.

As a school community we have established a number of core values. We understand that these values need to be lived as well as taught by everyone in our school.  They feature in all our classrooms and in acts of collective worship.  These values are shown in the images to the left.

We have recently revisited our Vision and Values and have simplified how we look at things in order for everyone to understand and live our vision on a day to day basis.  We now look at our vision as:

Loving to Learn, Learning to Love

 We tackle one of our core Values for Life through collective worship each term and as a school we think about a special question each week. Click here to view one of our sample plans.

For more information about our school Values, and British Values, please visit the section under 'Our Learning'