Pupil Premium

Please read our pupil Premium Policy document by clicking here.

The Department of Education introduced the pupil premium in April 2011. The pupil premium is additional funding provided to enhance the education of the most socio-economically deprived (namely those pupils entitled to free school meals and looked after children, as well as some funding towards those children who have parents in the armed forces).

For more information from the Department for Education about the Pupil Premium, click here.

In 2017-18, each child who has been in receipt of Free School meals will attract £1320 towards the school's allocation for Pupil Premium.  Details of how we spend our pupil premium and the impact of this spending is at the bottom of the page in our pupil premium strategy 2017-18

The pupil premium has been spent in an integrated and targeted way at Fishponds CE Academy to ensure that entitled pupils receive the opportunity for additional support, use of facilities and extra-curricular opportunities. Our aim is to improve attainment and achievement for this group of pupils. The funding has therefore been used to support a number of strategies and interventions to improve outcomes, for instance:


  • Pupil conferencing activities
  • Maths and English intervention programmes 
  • Supporting children with social / emotional needs to enable them to access learning. 
  • Supporting families with low attendance to ensure their children attend school. 

The impact in educational attainment arising from expenditure of the previous financial year’s pupil premium has been demonstrated with improvements in standards and attendance. 

We will continue to support pupils using many of the strategies and interventions mentioned above as well as seeking additional support measures for a wider group of children.

The strategy will be reviewed 3 times each academic year, at the end of term 2, term 4 and term 6


For further, more detailed information, please look at the Pupil Premium document below:

The archive report for 2011/12 can be found by clicking here.

The archive report for 2012/13 can be found by clicking here.

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The archive report for 2014/15 can be found by clicking here.

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                                 The Pupil Premium Action Plan for 2017/2018

To see how we propose to spend our Pupil Premium funding this year and what we hope to achieve with it, please click on  the document above.

Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2017-18