Collective Worship


We have a daily act of Collective Worship here at Fishponds. We really value this time together as it is the one time our whole school community gathers together to think, reflect upon our own beliefs and learn from others. We are challenged to leave our Collective Worship ready to make a difference to those around us no matter what faith or background we have. 

Each term we reflect on one of our core values ( see above) and each week we consider a different question linked to our value.

Monday is Singing Celebration. The school gather together to sing and reflect on the words of the songs specfically chosen to support learning about our Value of the Term. 

Tuesday's Collective worship is led by the Principal and focuses on the 'Question of the Week' linked to our Value of the Term. Stories, drama, music and discussion keep our worship times vibrant. 

Wednesday is Class Based Collective Worship. During these times the children come back to the 'Question of the Week' and share their own reflections with each other through discussion / individual recorded reflection.

Thursday is Phase Collective Worship. During these times, the school meet in Key Stages. These special times tend to focus on how amazing and different our world is. Collective worship on these days may include the children learning about other faiths and festivals. 

Friday is Celebration Collective Worship. During these times we reflect back on the events of the week, we give thanks for our special skills and talents by celebrating our achievements. We also present certificates to the children who have been noticed living out our values and demonstrating good learning behaviours.

Our children are also encouraged to reflect and respond in our many Reflection Areas around the school. 

Click here to see a sample Collective Worship Planner. 

For further information about our vision and values please visit our 'Vision and Values' page. Our Newsletters give up to date information about the Value of the Term and Question of the Week. These can be found on our homepage.

Reflection Zone - Our 'Big Questions!'
Reflection Zone - Our 'Big Questions!'
Taking time to reflect and be amazed!
Taking time to reflect and be amazed!