The principles of governance are the same in academies as in maintained schools, but the governing body has greater autonomy.

Academies are required to have at least two parent governors.

The governing body at Fishponds Church of England Academy is called the Local Board.  

The Local Board reports directly to a Multi Academy Trust, which is called the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust (DBAT) with the chair and Principal sitting on DBAT with the chairs and Principals of any other schools who are also part of the Trust.

DBAT is a sub committee of the main sponsor of the school, the Diocese of Bristol Academy Company (DoBAC).


Diocese of Bristol Academy Company 



Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust



Other Academy Trusts

(none at present)

Local Board:

Fishponds Church of England Academy

  •       Five Members appointed by the Diocese
  • Four Members appointed by the school including the Principal, two parent Members and one staff Member

Local Boards of other Academies:

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Our local board members:

Trish Dodds (Chair) - Foundation Member

Katie Leaver - (Vice Chair) Foundation Member

Lizzie Kesteven - Ex Officio/ Foundation Member

Debbie Coker - Principal

Steve Douglas - Foundation Member

Zoe Faullhurst - Foundation Member

Nicki Antwis - (DBAT Member)

Samina   Baig   - Parent Member

Rachael Illsley - Parent Member

Eric Blencowe - Community Member

Pippa Knowles - Staff Member

Helen Godfrey - Co-opted Member (Academy Business Manager): no voting rights

Rebecca Goodman - Co-opted Member (Vice Principal): no voting rights

Louisa Aldred - Clerk


Local Board Attendance

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Local Board Declaration of Interests

LB DBAT Declaration of Interests 2017 - 2018 click here

LB DBAT Declaration  of Interest 2018-2019 click here

LB DBAT Declaration of Interest 2019-2020 click here

LB DBAT Declaration of Interest 2020-2021 click here


Local Board Memberships

LB Membership 2017-2018. click here

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To contact the Chair of The Local Board, please email: