Our most recent inspection took place on April 24th and April 25th 2018.


We were pleased to see our Early Years Provision was graded 'Good' overall:


'Children make good progress and build skills across all areas of learning in the early years because of the strong

care and opportunities offered.'


Ofsted recognised our strengths in teaching phonics, improvements at KS1, good behaviour and welcoming atmosphere and ethos of our children:


' Pupils get on well with each other and there is a very real sense of community in the school. Pupils are typically

polite to each other and to visitors. The vast majority of pupils have a strong sense of moral duty. They accept

each other regardless of differences in backgrounds or circumstances. This contributes strongly to the welcoming

ethos at the school.'



Click link to see the full report.      Fishponds Church of England Academy 10047597 Final PDF (002).pdf

Click link to view the accompanying parent letter:      letter to parents.docx


As a Church of England school we also have an additional inspection ( Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMs).  Our last SIAMs inspection took place in October 2019 and the full report can be read by scrolling through the document below.
The school's teaching of RE was graded 'Excellent' and overall the school received a grading of 'Good'.