Welcome to Our School

What makes our school special?

Our school is a very happy place where every child is welcomed, loved and nurtured.  

We are a rich and diverse community. We have families from many different cultures, faiths and backgrounds. There are over 22 languages spoken in our school!   

Our staff team are very friendly and approachable. They go the extra mile to make a positive difference to all of our children and families.


We have an aspirational curriculum which is uniquely designed to meet the needs and interests of our pupils whilst incorporating links to our locality.   


Come and visit us - you will be assured of a warm welcome!

What do our children say about our school?

We asked our children the question 'What makes Fishponds CE Academy special?'. Below are some of their responses.

We have a fun playground. Everyone is special and different. Our teachers are nice. Learning is fun. Year 2 Child

The teachers and the children because the teachers work very hard on the work for the pupils and the children listen to what they have to do. Making the future generation great! What's a school with no children or teachers? Year 5 Child

The teachers make learning fun. Year 5 Child

We have great resources to help our learning. Year 6 Child

We include everyone regardless of their race, ability, likes or dislikes. Year 6 Child

We get involved with charities and like to help our community. Year 6 Child

Fishponds is special because everyone is special and we are all different. We can all help the school to be great. Year 3 Child.

We have lots of friends because all the children are kind. Year 2 Child

We have playgrounds, lots of equipment, a library and amazing teachers. It's the best school ever! Year 5 Child

We may be different fish but we swim together. Year 4 Child

Fishponds Academy helps you to learn and there is lots of fun stuff to do. There are lots of really nice teachers and lots of friends. Year 5 Child

We are all unique. Year 6 Child

We have kind and resilient teachers who are role models for our students. Year 6 Child

Our learning is educational and fun. Year 4 Child

Teachers help you if you are sad. The school loves you as your family loves you. Year 3 Child

Fishponds Academy is special because it has so many books and it has taught me a lot. I also love the playground and equipment. We have a basketball court and football goals too. I love maths and English because they are very fun. Year 5 Child

You get to learn new things and work with your friends. Year 4 Child

Fishponds CE Academy is special because everyone cares for everyone. Year 5 child

We include everyone - nobody gets left out or left behind. Year 6 Child

We are a kind and loving school. We welcome everyone. Year 6 Child

What makes it special is because everyone shows love, respect, kindness, compassion, truth, hope, patience and so much more. Year 4 Child

What do our parents say about our school?

We've felt very appreciative of how thoughtful the school has approached the lockdown and how attentive the girls' teachers have been. We've also felt glad to have you as head of the school - it's been lovely to hear you talk to them at assembly when we've been able to join, it's felt like a very caring and thoughtful place. I hope the situation has felt (and continues to feel) workable, and that in spite of the challenges there are (and have been) some good moments, too.

I want to thank you and to ask you thank all the lovely staff at Fishponds Academy - you have pulled together amazingly during these strange times and we really, really appreciate all that you’ve done to support our boys. My children have learned some important things about themselves as independent learners as well as continued to develop their Maths, PSHE, Art, Music and English skills over the past few months, the regular feedback and frequent messages from teachers must have felt like hard work but I want you to know that we appreciate your efforts and your hard work was worth it.

How my child has thrived throughout the years as been a testament to your school, its love, its support and unconditional positivity to ensure that she has a safe environment to grow, smile and be happy.

I am so impressed with how the school has been dealing in unprecedented time of teaching and learning. We have had great communication since the beginning of lockdown and continue to do so.
The online teaching had to be put in place very quickly and it was done amazing well. I'm sure that was not an easy task for the teachers and support staff. I think Seesaw is a good website. It delivers the teaching in an interactive way. I wanted to say a BIG THANK you and WELL DONE to all the Fishponds CE Academy Team for doing a Fantastic Job during this pandemic (and before). We do appreciate all the hard work you all put into the school, into our kids learning and the parent's support. 

All of my children love coming to school, and its a pleasure being able to leave them to learn in a safe environment with loving and caring teachers. I feel that my children are making so much progress, and it never ceases to to amaze how much passion they come home with.

We've been really impressed with how the school has dealt with the continuously changing situation since March. Right from the start, it felt like the staff was ready to provide us parents with everything we needed to continue learning at home. I remember speaking to Mrs Coker the week before schools closed and she mentioned that Miss Goodman had everything pretty much ready at that stage. This was all the more impressive after speaking to friends in other schools, in Bristol, other parts of the UK and also Ireland, where their schools only really got up to speed, weeks or a couple of months after lockdown started. To us, it seemed like you guys anticipated what was going to happen and had a solid plan in place. 

Wow!! What can I say Debbie, it is wow that I describe in one word when I think about your school!

You are all amazing and very much appreciated.

Love the school, and staff- keep doing what you're doing it works!

What do other professionals say about our school?

Peer to Peer Review (November 2020)

The BLM inspired Covid recovery unit was very impactful. The children spoke confidently and  clearly about what they had learnt and shared their opinions. There was a close alignment with the vision and values and ethos . History is a making a strong contribution to children’s personal development.

Highly aspirational history curriculum. This would look impressive in KS3!

Quality of recorded work in books is really impressive.

Excellent differentiation for SEND pupils.

SIAMs Inspection Report October 2019

The efforts made by everyone to ensure that each child has the best possible welcome and every possible barrier to learning removed are remarkable. The work done by the inclusion team demonstrates love without limits.

Relationships at Fishponds are exceptionally loving, caring and supportive.

The impact made by this outstanding school on its local community is remarkable.


Multi-Academy Trust Review Spring 2020

Highly effective use of skilled reading assistants supports children who are falling behind or could be at risk of falling behind. This supports closing the gap for vulnerable children. The reading culture in the school is well established. Children are able to talk about books and reading. Children enjoy reading and the library provides high quality texts.