Meet the Team

Fishponds Church of England Academy would be nothing without its fabulous staff, of whom we are rightly proud:

Senior Leadership Team


Michelle Omoboni (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Assistant Head 

Miss Rebecca Goodman (Curriculum and Assessment Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Assistant Head

Mrs Sian Fox-Gaven (Inclusion Lead, Strategic SENDCo and Behaviour Lead)

Wider Leadership Team

Operational SENDCo - Mrs Vicky Caddell

Early Years Lead (Reception) - Mrs Carole Seddon

Y1/2 Lead - Miss Kate Burgess

Y3/4 Lead - Mrs Hannah Watson

Y5/6 Lead - Mr Adam Jones


Teachers and Areas of Responsibility


Mrs Carole Seddon (Stickleback Teacher, Outdoor Learning Lead)

Miss Saira Uddin (Minnows Teacher Monday - Wednesday and Extra-curricular Clubs Lead)

Miss Kirsty Tanner (TA)

Miss Emma Armer (TA)

Mrs Lauren Mapperson (TA)



Year 1

Miss Kate Burgess (Butterfish Teacher, KS1 Lead, Phonics Lead, TA Lead and Behaviour Lead) 

Mr Tanzil Gibbbons (Rainbowfish Teacher and P.E. Lead)

Mrs Eszter Nemeth (TA)

Miss Scarlett Fudge (TA)

Year 2

Mrs Molly Hart (Parrotfish Teacher and RE Lead)

Mr Edward Hodgkin (Surgeonfish Teacher, DT and Computing Lead)

Dana Kurhajkova (TA)



Year 3

Miss Sally Adams (Monday Mandarinfish Teacher, Tuesday and Wednesday Cover Teacher and Creative Arts Lead)

Ms Jessica Ray  (Tuesday - Friday Mandarinfish Teacher)

Mrs Hannah Watson (Blenny Teacher, Lower KS2 Lead and Maths Lead)

Ms Kate Maddocks (TA)

Year 4

Miss Rebecca Kenyon (Firefish Teacher)

Miss Emily Fitzgerald (Tilapia Teacher, Maths Team and Music Lead)

Mrs Maria Long (TA)

Year 5

Miss Pippa Knowles (Marlin Teacher, EAL Lead and Voice 21 Lead)

Miss Holly Davies  (Salmon Teacher, PHSE and RSE Lead)

Mr Morgan Price (TA)

Year 6

Mr Adam Jones (Manataray Teacher, English Lead and Upper KS2 Lead)

Mrs Maria Gio-Batta (Sunfish Teacher, Science Lead)

Mrs Elaine Seretny (TA)


Resource Base

The Reef

Rachael Gittins - (The Reef Teacher)

Elena Sanchez (SEN TA)

Lianne Curtis (SEN TA)

Hilary Kinch (SEN TA)


Other Staff

Mr Alastair Brown  (HLTA)

Miss Amie Gomes (HLTA)

Mrs Deion Smith (HLTA)

Mr Bradley Simons (Premier Sports Coach)

Ms Michelle Cahill (Family Link worker and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Ms Stephanie Salmon (Academic Mentor)

Mrs Anne Holland (Reading Assistant)



Mrs Lauren Mapperson

Mrs Rachel Gatica

Miss Heather Boocock

Miss Vicky Walsh

Miss Caroline Galvin

Mr Joseph Wright 

Ms Katrina Smith 

Gee Chuhan-Rathore

Celia Santos


Admin Team

Miss Jessica Harrison 

Mrs Keela Southard


Site Manager

Mr Ryan Densley


Lunch Break Staff ( SMSA)

Liz Pluck

Amy Collins

Kayleigh Malone

Najma Sharif

Saran Lohia

Chelsie Ross

Samantha Tippet


Contact Us

Our office is manned from 7.45am to 4.00pm from Monday to Friday during term time.


  • Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3UH

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