Week beginning 1st June 2020
Below are some alternative ideas for you to choose from that link with the learning happening in Nursery this week. Pick one or none, whatever you choose to do is okay. This term we will be revising many of the skills we have learned over the year. Please also refer to the Curriculum letter for Nursery. 
The Little Cloud
* Find out about clouds
* Explore shadows and find out more about how shadows are made
* Make a sundial outside on a sunny day and every 15mins make a mark where the shadow is. Watch the shadow change as the day progresses.
* Listen and join in with the cloud song
* Learn more about the water cycle, where rain comes from and where does it go!
* Create some cloud pictures using scrunched up paper or cotton wool and add different expressions to them to show their different emotions.
* Use squirty shaving foam in a shallow tray or on the side of the bath as pretend clouds for a sensory way to make letters in different textures.
* Share books and talk about how the characters feel. Talk about times they may have felt the same.
* Use chalk or water paint to make marks or practice name writing on the ground outside.
* Choose a story and unpick it a bit more by finding out about how the characters felt during different parts of the story. Talk about why the characters felt a particular way and ask them for ideas of what might help? 
* Make your name rainbow style by tracing over the letters over and over using lots of different colours. 
* Listen to the story Willy and the Cloud by Anthony Brown and look out for the different facial expressions and emotions in the story. Can you find the pages where Willy is frustrated, annoyed, confused, gloomy, lonely, afraid, angry, calm, happy?
*'Explore different words to describe emotions.
* Sing if you're happy and you know it using different actions and facial expressions for each emotion such as "when I'm angry and I know it, I stamp my feet" 
MATHS: Shapes
* Create shape models using Lego, Duplo or blocks. 
* Create a jigsaw looking carefully at the shapes and patterns to fix it together correctly.
* Have fun fixing and joining roads or train tracks together to create shape roads and tracks. 
* Play shape pairs or lotto or draw shapes onto cards to find and match. 
* Hide some shapes in the home or garden for your child to find. Talk about what shapes they found, how many and where they found them.