Nursery Home Learning
Week beginning 6th July 2020
Below are some extra ideas for you to choose from that link with the learning happening in Nursery this week. Pick one on none, whatever you choose to do is okay.
Usborne Phonics readers - Rhyming books 
* Listen to another version of Shark in the Park.
* Listen to Shark in the Dark by Nick Sherrat and make a list of.words you have found that rhyme with shark.
* Practise maths skills with a shark counting rhyme.
* Listen to and spot the rhyming strings in more phonics readers rhyming books. 
Ted in the red bed 
* Play the rhyme and freeze game with Jack Hartman.
* Play the rhyming strings game with Jack Hartman. Listen to the words and say them and try to shout out another word that rhymes with them.  
* Explore number rhymes like 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive. 
* Join in with Mr Tumble to some favourite rhymes
* Explore fair share with Numberjacks  then see if you can sort out toys into equal amounts or share out snacks fairly with your family. 
* Practise making lines and circles and learn how to draw a fat cat with Squiggle it. Maybe use your picture to create a fat cat on the mat story once you have finished.
* Listen out for rhyming strings with Alphablocks Cat on the mat song. Can you make a list of words that rhyme with CAT? 
* Sing and play Ten in the bed with your toys or watch, listen and join in with the rhyme. Can you say numbers backwards from ten to zero?  
* Play Ted's counting and numbers game in Top Marks, Choose a level to suit abilities. 
* Create a rhyming rocket using recycled materials and draw pictures of things that rhyme to go inside your rhyming rocket! Learn how to make a rolled paper rocket here.
* Watch and listen to the song "The power of Yet" and "Don't give up" from Sesame Street. The songs will help you to remember that even when you start to learn new things in Reception you just have to tell yourself not to give up, with practice and perseverance you will get there in the end. Why not set yourself a goal to practice something that you have been finding more tricky to do. 
Parents support - Oxford Owl website has lots of great activities and tips for supporting your child now and during your child's Reception journey. 
Ages 3-4 ideas and activities
Age 4-5 ideas and activities