Attendance and Punctuality

We are working hard as a school to sustain improvements in attendance and punctuality. Quite simply, if children are not in school, they are not learning and may fall behind. If children are late, they often miss the important start to the day and can feel unsettled, embarrassed or unsure of what to do when they come into class later than other children. We can only improve outcomes for all children in school by working together with you as parents and carers.


We have worked hard to create a policy that sets out the process for requesting leave of absence from learning clearly. It also shows the steps that are in place to monitor and challenge attendance and punctuality if it is not good enough as well as rewarding excellent attendance for children who come to school every day on time.

A copy of our attendance and punctuality policy is available from the school office. or you can read it at the bottom of the page.

Mrs Harvey, our attendance officer, will also be able to answer any questions you may have. Here are the highlights of the policy for you to read.


  • Please ring school before 9.30 am on 0117 9030491 stating the reason your child will not be attending;

  • Lessons start at 8.45am and your child needs to be in school by this time;

  • Please fill in a leave of absence request form in advance to apply to remove your child from their learning for any reason;

  • You do not have an automatic right to remove your child for a family holiday in term time: this may result in a fine;

  • No leave of absence is authorised in the first two weeks of the school year, or for Y6 pupils after Easter and before their SATs in May. All other absences may be unauthorised and you could be referred to the Welfare Service or issued with a fine;

  • Attendance over 96% is seen as good. Attendance under 85% will trigger a letter, a meeting or a referral with the Welfare Service and the possibility of a fine. 

  • Make sure your child comes to school on time every day, unless there is a very good reason.