At Fishponds Church of England Academy, we believe in positive behaviour management, through praising and reinforcing good choices, reflecting on our school values and encouraging the children to take responsibility for their own actions. Our behaviour policy should be read in conjunction with our Equalities Policy and Safeguarding Policy.

The school's vision 'Loving to learn, learning to love' ( underpinned by 1 Corinthians 13 v4-7), demonstrates this clearly and we have summarised what this means in three simple golden rules, that all in our school community are expected to follow:

1. Be respectful

2. Work with pride

3. Act with love

We teach children how to form positive relationships with those around them through our PSHE ( Personal , Social and Health Education) curriculum, following the Jigsaw scheme of work. Alongside this, our weekly collective worship sessions focus on the 12 core values of our school. Children explore what these values mean, in terms of how we should behave towards one another, and we have high expectations that all members of our school community uphold these values. 

At Fishponds C of E Academy, we believe that there is a reason behind every behaviour. We understand that children need an environment where they feel safe to practise and learn appropriate behaviours and we offer a range of opportunities for this, depending on the needs of individuals. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do, as we know that strong relationships built around trust, mutual respect, consistency and fairness are key to develpoing a loving, safe environment, where children strive to go above and beyond. The school is in the process of adopting The Pivotal Approach for behaviour management, which involves focussing on children making the right choices and praising them for doing this consistently. It also avoids the path of ever-increasing sanctions, which often deter children from school and do not reflect the inclusive nature of our community. 

We do not believe in shaming children for making the wrong choices. We believe that their behaviour is between them, their teachers and their parents/carers and is not the business of others in the class. We therefore keep behaviour charts hidden and ensure consequences are shared privately with children, where appropriate. 'Celebrity status' is given to those making the right choices in our school, through praise. Where an incident has occured, a restorative conversation may be held with those involved and children are given the opportunity to reflect on the concsequences of their actions and to make it right, through a calm conversation that respects all perceptions of the situation. 

We are aware that some children need a different approach to enable them to be successful in the school environment. We may therefore alter the provision, support and strategies used with these individuals, to allow them to succeed in our community. We offer a range of interventions for SEMH (Social, Emotional, Mental Health) needs, including Brick Club, Socially Speaking, Social Detectives and 1:1 mentoring. For some children, an engagement plan is put in place to identify the individuals' needs and any triggers or barriers impacting on their behaviour. The Pastoral Team work alongside staff, parents/carers and most importantly, the child, to provide support with any additional needs. 


To read / download our full Behaviour Policy, click on the link here.