Managing Concerns


We hope that your child will be very happy in our school, but we understand that sometimes you may have a concern or your child may have a worry that needs addressing. We want all children to be able to enjoy school as our vision states: ' Loving to learn, learning to love'. 

If you have any concerns about your child, please book an appointment to see your child's class teacher in the first instance. More often than not, once we know about the concern, we can address things quickly to make things better.

In the rare event that you  are not satisfied with the outcomes of your meeting with the class teacher, the next step would be book an appointment with the Phase Leader for your child as listed:


EYFS (Reception)  Mrs Carole Seddon

KS1 ( Y1/2) Miss Kate Burgess

KS2  (Y3/4) Mrs Hannah Watson

KS2 ( Y5/6) Mr Adam Jones


If your concern is about your child's Special Educational Needs and Disability (and you have already met with the class teacher) then your contact will be Miss Victoria Caddell (SENCO) 


Appointments can be made through the school office. 

If there are further concerns, then these would be addressed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team ( see below). 

Assistant Principals - Miss Rebecca Goodman and Mrs Fox-Gaven

Principal - Ms Michelle Omoboni

Please click here to view our Complaints Policy and Procedure

We will ensure that all parties show respectful behaviour  throughout any dealings.  This approach is outlined in our Zero Tolerance Policy