Pupil Premium


At Fishponds CE Academy, we believe that all children should have the opportunities to flourish and become the best they can be!

All schools receive a special fund called 'Pupil Premium' .  

For this academic year, our Pupil premium fund is £148,143

We use this money to make sure that all of our children, including our most vulnerable, have the best chance of success in school. We understand that for some children learning and coming into school can be a challenge and so we spend time working out the best way to intervene and provide support. There are two main ways that this money is used to support children:

1. To increase achievement.

All children need to achieve well in order to make the most of future opportunities open to them. Good academic achievement will lead to a better chance of gaining qualifications at Secondary school and this will lead to a better chance of gaining employment. Some children find aspects of learning tricky so we help them by providing an appropriate intervention. For example, a child with difficulties processing language could access pre- teaching of the language that will come up in the lesson so they can access the learning in the classroom.  

2. To ensure that all children are school - ready.

Some children may need help to be ready to learn. We use some of our Pupil Premium money to provide additional pastoral support. For example, a child suffering with increased anxiety may access a group to help develop coping strategies. The first step to being ready to learn is coming into school- a child will not be able to achieve if they are not in school learning. Some of our money is used to support families in bringing children into school regularly. For example, our learning mentor will meet with families to discuss ways of improving attendance and work to reduce the barriers that are stopping a child attending school.

We measure the impact of our interventions in two ways.

  1. Looking at hard data ( attainment and progress data)
  2. Looking at soft data ( teacher observation, pupil voice, parent voice, behaviour monitoring)

Additional Information:

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                                 The Pupil Premium Action Plan for 2020- 21