Sports Premium

We receive funding from the Government to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and Sport offered here at Fishponds. Last year (2018-19) we worked on improving the children's fitness across our school and had great success! The table below demonstrates improvements in the number of children who can run continually for up to 5 minutes compared to last year. 

As a school with the support of Mr Harrold ( our Sport's Coach) the children took part in a number of competitions and tournaments. Our Athletics Team won the local competition and competed at County level.Our school also won the local cluster football competition and competed at Ashton Gate in a Bristol wide tournament! 

Pupil Survey

We also found improved results in our pupil survey. In every year group by the end of the year 100% of children stated they felt happy in PE lessons! This was a vast improvement compared to the previous year where 51% stated they felt happy in PE sessions. The survey also showed that more of our children understand the importance of PE sessions in regards to staying fit. It would appear from this that the work on developing Real PE and Health and Well-being sessions with our Sports Coach Mr Harrold are paying off!

So what do we need to work on now?

There was a varied response to the numbers of children who take part in sporting activities outside of school. We need to look more closely at who accesses physical activities after school and at weekends and see if we can increase % of children exercising outside of school time and during lunch and break times.

Although the survey indicated that numbers of children exercising at Lunchtime has increased to 90% . That leaves 10%  to be encouraged to be a little more active during lunchtimes. 

Our children attend swimming lessons throughout Year 4. this year there was an increase in the numbers and % of children achieveing the 25 metres ( standard to reach by end of KS2). However, this is still too low and more needs to be done to ensure that more children leave our school in Year 6 being able to be safe in water. 

Table showing improved fitness across our school.
Table showing improved fitness across our school.

Our full evaluation and plan for Sept 2019 - 2020 can be seen below. Scroll down to read the document.