Creative Arts (Developing positive Mental Health and Wellbeing)



Through our art curriculum at Fishponds, we intend to achieve the following things.

  • Provide our children with the opportunity to develop their skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, textiles and printing through each phase of the school.
  • Provide the opportunity to explore the work of other artists and be able to evaluate pieces of art.
  • Develop creative thinking within our students and provide them with the opportunity to explore and develop their own creative ideas.


  • Art is taught through creative arts days
  • A skills progression is used to develop art skills progressively across the school
  • EYFS provide daily art based activities through continuous provision
  • Whole school creative arts days develop outcomes

Art Skills Progression



Through our music curriculum, we want children to:

  • Be exposed to a wide variety of music genres
  • Develop their singing
  • Develop skills in a variety of music concepts such as rhythm and vocal.
  • Provide the children with opportunities to perfrom


  • Music is taught during 3 terms of the academic year.
  • A skills progression is used to ensure that the children develop skills progressively across the school.
  • Staff are supported to deliver the music National Curriculum using the Bristol Music Curriculum.
  • In 2022, we will be introducing whole class ensemble lessons.

Music Skills Progression

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